OTOKA is the nomadic studio of Candice Jacobs, established to support the research & production of her practice through on and offline exhibitions, residencies, collaborations, partnerships & events.
OTOKA will be relocating to a new space soon!
OTOKA is the Slavic word for “island” and, like an island it is solid in its grounding, built up from years of sediment (experiences & memories), surrounded by liquid forms of modernity.
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Privacy Techtonics Podcast

This series of podcasts are led and facilitated by Dr. Phillipa Williams & Dr. Lipika Kamra from Queen Mary University London who are currently writing the book “Privacy Techtonics: Digital geopolitics, WhatsApp and India” - a critical take on how ‘privacy’ is designed, talked about, regulated and experienced by WhatsApp/Meta, governments and ordinary people. Excerpts from these conversations will feature alongside newly commissioned texts in a downloadable Privacy Techtonics PDF catalogue.


Every year, OTOKA takes up residence on the crystal waters of the Croatian shore where invited guests consolidate thoughts & lasting legacies from the project to become an "Act" of escapism.


Candice Jacobs

With each episode of OTOKA, I hope for it to become a space of contemplation and interdisciplinary collaboration; expanding methodologies through a symbiotic & symbolic language that extracts data and knowledge from the collective subconscious and attuned minds that I have carefully drawn together so that we might begin to sit within a new inhabited body.
Un-attached to the necessity of needing long-term space, OTOKA slides between gaps in the 'system' (reality) to create 'Temporary Autonomous' actions of activity that act within their own rules to provide the support that I need in weird and wonderful ways.
OTOKA is therefore a support structure to my research & practice and it acts as an attempt to break out from established modes of expectation that I often see applied to artistic practice.
By drawing attention to aspects of reality that require further review and consideration, I hope to process your private epiphanies and shift your realities into new spheres of spatial disturbance, to critique the esoteric spiritual realm as a contemporary capitalist framework; and technology and political modes of thought that shape new forms of pseudo-selves.

I've been making art & curating exhibitions since 2005.
I was nominated for the Jarman Award 2022. I co-founded the artist-led organisations One Thoresby Street, the New Midland Group & Moot Gallery in Nottingham whilst exhibiting across the globe at 56th Venice Biennale; FACT Liverpool; Camden Arts Centre; Artnight 2020; VITRINE; Seventeen Gallery; the Eternal Internet Brother & Sisterhood in Sri Lanka for Documenta 14; and the Material Art Fair in Mexico City amongst others.
I currently teach at Central Saint Martins & Chelsea College of Art in London.