OTOKA is a nomadic & fluid research, exhibition, residency, online platform, studio and event space established by Candice Jacobs.
OTOKA will be relocating to a new space soon!
Episode 6: Vacant Possession:
Basement Residency: Rachel Parry
Ground Floor: Lynn Fulton, Grime, 
Candice Jacobs, Simon Raven, Leomi Sadler, Aaron Williamson
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Privacy Techtonics Podcast

This series of podcasts are led and facilitated by Dr. Phillipa Williams & Dr. Lipika Kamra from Queen Mary University London who are currently writing the book “Privacy Techtonics: Digital geopolitics, WhatsApp and India” - a critical take on how ‘privacy’ is designed, talked about, regulated and experienced by WhatsApp/Meta, governments and ordinary people. Excerpts from these conversations will feature alongside newly commissioned texts in a downloadable Privacy Techtonics PDF catalogue.


Every year, OTOKA takes up residence on the crystal waters of the Croatian shore where invited guests consolidate thoughts & lasting legacies from the project to become an "Act" of escapism.
With an episodic programming structure, sites become spaces for contemplation and interdisciplinary collaboration. Expanding methodologies through a symbiotic & symbolic language forged out of the ether to extract data and knowledge from the collective subconscious and attuned minds of the bodies we inhabit.
Un-attached to the necessity of needing long-term space, OTOKA works outside of and slide between, gaps in the system to create actions that act as Temporary Autonomous Zones of activity that act within their own rules, to provide what they need to whom they serve in new & unique ways.
OTOKA is as a support structure  and an attempt to break out from the established modes of expectation applied to artistic practice.
This project sits within an art practice that attempts to draw attention to aspects of reality that require further review and consideration. Seizing and documenting behaviours that participate in spatial disturbances to create a shifting of place into angelic sphere (of exhaustion), Jacobs supplies us with a new vocabulary that uses contemporary capitalist frameworks, technological innovation and political modes of thought to process private epiphanies that attribute themselves towards the shaping of Self.


Candice Jacobs

Jacobs was nominated for the Jarman Award 2022; she co-founded One Thoresby Street, the New Midland Group & Moot Gallery in Nottingham, and she has exhibited across the globe at 56th Venice Biennale; FACT Liverpool; Camden Arts Centre; Artnight 2020; VITRINE; Seventeen Gallery; the Eternal Internet Brother & Sisterhood in Sri Lanka for Documenta 14; and the Material Art Fair in Mexico City amongst others. She is an Associate Lecturer at Central Saint Martins & Chelsea College of Art in London.