Episode 4: Sudden Beams 2 - Extraction





38-40 Wheeler Gate


Afrah Shafiq, Mani Kambo, Daniel Asadi Faezi & Mila Zhluktenko, Fileona Dkhar, Anum Awan & Beast Nest, Bishwadhan Rai, Subash Thebe Limbu, Saphy Vong, Chooc Ly Tan & Leïla Arenou, Saraab (Shahana Rajani & Omer Wasim)


Afrah Shafiq

PRIVATE VIEW: 18th May 4-7pm:

With "in conversation"  with OTOKA Director & artist Candice Jacobs; Lee Nicholls, Creative Producer of Near Now (Broadway's Art & Technology Programme) and Moritz Cheung, curator of Sudden Beams.

PERFORMANCES & LAUNCH PARTY: 19th May 7pm - 11pm

Celebrate the launch of the new OTOKA space and the Sudden Beams exhibition with performances from:

Tom Harris 19.00 - 20.00; Chooc Ly Tan 20:00 - 21:00 & DJ M75 21:00 - 23:00


Sudden Beams 2: Extraction illuminates the speculative world of Asian futurism. From the billowing dust of the Aral Sea to the emerging eco-horrors of Northeastern India, Extraction proposes fresh visions of humanity and ecology through Asian-inspired science fiction and mythology.

Via an audio-visual experience, we travel through time, space and memory. Sudden Beams 2: Extraction is a spiritual odyssey that explores fantasies of the future, religion and South Asian art, through artists’ film, sound and browser-based game.

This work will be available online from 18th - 28th May 2023.
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Our Lady of I Can Be Anything You Want Me To
Afrah Shafiq
2020, browser-based digital work

Our Lady of I Can Be Anything You Want Me To is an interactive and continually morphing experience that includes a moving image work and a browser-based video game.

Our Lady of I Can Be Anything You Want Me To explores the repetitive and multiplicative images of the Virgin Mary in the post-colonial world, to understand icon making, data and insight, and the logic of generative adversarial networks. And how the figure has become a container that converges with different and contradictory ideas on politics, religions and humankind.


Afrah Shafiq

18 - 28 May 2023

Sudden Beams 2: Extraction was hosted for the first time in a gallery setting at OTOKA.  Curated by Moritz Cheung for Sudden Beams and Platform Asia with exhibition design by Candice Jacobs in association with Framework for Practice.

Supported by OTOKA, Near Now (Broadways studio for arts, design and innovation) and Arts Council England.

With special thanks to Nottingham's Liquid Light Brewery for sponsoring our opening events and to Brendan O'Melia for his Liquid lighting expertise.